Popup.StaysOpen in Silverlight

Continuing on with the theme of restoring some WPF goodness to Silverlight, here is an attached behavior that gives Silverlight’s Popup control a handy StaysOpen property. It builds on top of the placement behavior I presented in my last post, so I’ve just supplemented the demo I did for that post. Call me lazy.

Usage looks like this:

<Popup b:Popup.StaysOpen="False">
    <TextBlock>Popup contents</TextBlock>

The only limitations I know of are:

  1. The Popup in question must be closed when you set the StaysOpen property. If, for example, your Popup is already open when your application first starts, events won’t hook up correctly.
  2. The Popup’s parent is used to determine whether the user has clicked outside the bounds of the Popup, and therefore whether the Popup should be closed. So you should host the Popup as far up in your visual tree as appropriate, or you could add another dependency property with which you can explicitly specify the parent. I haven’t needed the latter idea yet, so haven’t bothered to add it – maybe I’ll need it later.

Download an example project.


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