Kent Boogaart

Kent’s first foray into reactive programming was in the area of finance. He was wrestling with a complicated, composite, WPF application, trying to tame the complexity that had crept into the implementation. Recognising that Reactive Extensions might help, he first studied it and applied it to various toy scenarios. Thereafter, he was able to apply it effectively to the real system, drammatically simplifying the code and improving its robustness at the same time.

Since then, Kent has found it hard not working with Reactive Extensions. Its efficacy at modelling a wide variety of scenarios, its testability, and its composability can reduce a large, monolithic problem into small, easily understandable components.

Kent has made significant contributions to ReactiveUI, an MVVM framework that embraces reactive programming. He became a core contributor as a result, and can be found hanging out in the ReactiveUI Slack channel helping wherever he can. He also wrote Workout Wotch, an Android and iOS application that is written in a reactive fashion.

If you’d like to talk to Kent about applying reactive programming to your project, you can contact him via LinkedIn or email.