You, I, and ReactiveUI

Complex user interfaces, simple code

Is this you?

State bugs

Have you ever chased a bug for hours, only to discover the root cause is an innocuous looking piece of state?

Asynchronous spaghetti

Do you ever wonder whether there's a sane, elegant way to write code that ties together wildly disparate asynchronous data sources?

Test tantrums

Have you ever guiltily omitted unit tests for time-sensitive code, simply because it was too hard to test?

Copy+paste code reuse

Do you ever dream of writing the vast majority of your UI application code once, and then using that code to target totally unrelated platforms?

What you'll get from this book

A new way of thinking

Learn how to write user interface code that is powerful, elegant, maintainable, and neatly encapsulates the management of state.

Modern asynchrony

See how ReactiveUI makes it so much simpler for you to construct modern experiences that depend on a multitude of asynchronous events.

No test left unturned

Discover how ReactiveUI can facilitate the testing of all your code, even asynchronous and time-sensitive scenarios, regardless of how long they would ordinarily take to execute in real-time.

Source and binary code reuse

Understand how ReactiveUI's abstractions help you write user interface logic once, then run it on a wide array of platforms that have nothing in common apart from a .NET runtime.

Samples, samples, samples

Learn about ReactiveUI features and techniques first-hand from the book discussion, then dive as deep as you like via the stunningly comprehensive set of code samples.

Gorgeous typesetting

Experience all this in a delightful printed form, where meticulous attention to detail has resulted in a 250+ page book that is a feast for the eyes.

Book Screenshots

Sample Screenshots

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Ryan Davis

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