Kent Boogaart

A passionate developer from the beginning, Kent started developing in BASIC on his family’s Amstrad CPC 6180. By the age of eleven, he was writing software in Z80 assembly. His professional career has exposed him to a wide range of languages and platforms, including C#, .NET, Java, and C++. He’s worked in a wide variety of sectors, including agriculture, superannuation, and finance - with both Agile and traditional Waterfall methodologies.

A Microsoft MVP in Client Application Development since 2009, and a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer since 2016, Kent has been heavily involved in Xamarin development from late 2012. He openly designed and developed a complete application for the benefit of the community, recording videos describing the process. He is one of the core maintainers of the very successful functional reactive MVVM library, ReactiveUI, contributing heavily to code, documentation, and support. In addition, he manages several open source projects of his own initiative.

Kent takes pride in his ability to communicate clearly and effectively, with developers, users, and business stakeholders. He has often been complemented for bringing clarity to a previous quandary.

His number one goal in any project is to delight the end user. Kent achieves this through deep thought and innovation - not satisfied until both simplicity and lucidity are attained. But at the same time a pragmatist, Kent dislikes getting bogged down on any particular problem, preferring to return to it later once sufficient thought and context is established.

If you’d like to talk to Kent about making your project a success, you can contact him via LinkedIn or email.